#67 Hide & Seek

2013 1.I was outside shoveling horse shit considering the more shit I piled up, the less you'd deal with when you came home. 2. I woke up every night at 2, unfamiliar to having the bed all to myself, curled around a pillow like a buoy far from shore, sea sick in the choppy water,… Continue reading #67 Hide & Seek


Writer’s Workshop – keep a journal

Call me spoiled,but I love to write with colorful gel pens and I cover most diaries in stickers. My word of advice to get started on writing is to keep a journal - I can scroll forever in that section of the book store. I write about everything. Concepts, plots, list of characters and things… Continue reading Writer’s Workshop – keep a journal


Jim Morrison oil painting

2011 Since I've been on the topic of Jim Morrison lately [ read Wilderness here], I thought I'd add my oil painting to my sketchbook. I have no idea how to do acrylic painting, but I remember I liked oil painting very much. Now that I decided to take art more seriously and sharpen my… Continue reading Jim Morrison oil painting


A Life in Interior Design

There's been neglect in the interior design of my bathroom. I vaguely remembered the Swans in my parent's bathroom and porcelain swans carrying fragrant soaps and fuzzy blue toilet covers. I tried to keep balance and composition in my bathroom too. My grandma, in her desert mansion, always had lucky bamboo plants. They are symbols… Continue reading A Life in Interior Design


#66 love and war

there was a fighting in me that would not let me sleep) Hamlet i stared into the heart of darkness listening to the battle of losing brave horses and warriors. I can't win. I have let in the possibility of defeat and now I see my heart refuse to retreat, attacking blindly for her soul.… Continue reading #66 love and war


#65 After the Wreck

Before the wreck, dark purple circles under her eyes, the hospital bed, recovery, the exile we enjoyed ice cream on a cloudy day. She said, before her jaw was smashed down her throat, the semi brake failure, her beloved camera in smithereens in the passenger seat, “Let’s be happy.” Carpet sand, it’s hard to dig… Continue reading #65 After the Wreck


Wilderness // Jim Morrison

I'm not going to go into a rant about how godly this gorgeous man was with his lyrics and music. ⚡️double feature for today's Fiber Friday pretty gang, and tomorrow I'm going to have a comic book haul post! If you like superheroes and Marvel you don't want to miss it.


Hope is the Thing With Feathers // Emily Dickinson

  Emily Dickinson is an older influence of mine and got me into poetry when I was younger. Her poetry is a little dated, yes, but it's so lovely to read.  I've been tossing in my head sharing art on Fiber Fridays, yes, but this is a poetry blog. I do want to share more… Continue reading Hope is the Thing With Feathers // Emily Dickinson